Unlearning the Body from the Garment is about unlearning the relationship between the prescribed parts of a garment pattern and their designated body parts. How did an armhole become an armhole? Why does an arm have to go through a sleeve? Where did these relationships come from? How were these relationships created? Why does a garment have the parts that it has? This unlearning is done by working to look at a flat garment pattern as an abstract shape and disregard notions of how it is worn or how it will interact with the human form. The garment pattern is now a flat shape that can create three dimensional forms, but the parts are no longer regarded. Armholes. Neckholes. Fronts. Backs. Busts. Waists. These no longer hold any meaning. The garment pattern is a form for possibility. What is now created can be worn on any body, in any way.


    1. Seed
    2. Map
    3. Blend
    4. Subvert
    5. Reflect