Exercises in Breathing (2012)
Bukram, Jump Rings, Monofilament, Acrylic, Wood, Metal Ring, Brick, Motor, Arduino, Motor Shield

Exercises in Breathing from Sasha de Koninck on Vimeo.

My origami ‘lung’ or structure was an adventure in folding, motors and movement. The adventure began with paper folding, and trying to find ways of folding paper that could translate well to fabric and which could be controlled by a motor. My experiments led me to discover a way of folding called “Spring Into Action”.
I was not as interested as translating this into something that was to be worn on the body. Trying to integrate electronics into garments and textiles is difficult enough, so adding a motor and more batteries was not a challenge I was ready to tackle. This being my first experience with motors and movements, my main goal was to keep it simple.
I decided to enlarge the structure from 5” x 11” to 36” x77”. The material that the origami is folded out of is buckram, a material traditionally used in millinery. The fabric has glue in it that acts as a stiffener. Buckram was the perfect substitution for paper. It folds like paper, yet is stronger and does not tear as easily.
The piece is a result of research, and exploration. It does not serve a purpose or have a true function, other than to satisfy my imagination.